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Hello I'm Gabriella

Gabriella Mukti Andhari Alfroy, portrait with makeup, designer batik closet
Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.

I am Indonesian, with a mixed heritage - my father is Javanese and my mother is from Toraja. Growing up, I had the opportunity to experience life in both Australia and Indonesia. Currently, I reside in Bali with my husband and our two dogs.

I'm bilingual in English and Indonesian, with functional proficiency in French. While academically I'm at a B2 level in French, my everyday capability is somewhat limited.

In terms of education, I hold a professional Associate Degree in Fashion. Since 2010, I have been deeply involved in the fashion and garment production industry, specializing in product development. My responsibilities have encompassed sourcing, product and pattern development, and providing support throughout the entire production process for women's apparel, spanning from pre-production to post-production, both in China and Indonesia.

Why did I create Batik Closet?

I've always been drawn to Indonesian batik designs and the rich variety of traditional fabrics from the diverse ethnic groups of Indonesia.

While I deeply respect the tradition and cultural significance of these patterns, I also wanted to infuse them with my personal style. I envisioned incorporating these timeless motifs into everyday items like clothing, bedding, or even gift wrap. This desire to blend tradition with modern aesthetics led me to create my own contemporary batik patterns, inspired by the classic elements and techniques of traditional batik, such as the intricate 'tik' or dotted decorative elements.

My goal is to share this fusion of tradition and modernity with others who appreciate the beauty of Indonesian textiles.

Why did I choose to create surface patterns instead of producing my own garment collection?

I have a passion for sewing and crafting, particularly when it comes to creating my own clothing. I find joy in the slow, mindful process of sewing and the satisfaction of wearing something handmade.

From printing custom surface patterns onto fabrics of my choice to meticulously tailoring each garment to fit perfectly, I enjoy every aspect of the creative journey.

Moreover, I'm acutely aware of the environmental consequences of mass-produced clothing, from the creation of raw materials to production processes, shipping, and warehouse management spanning across cities and countries. This awareness drives me to prioritize my commitment to slow fashion and reducing carbon footprints in the garment industry.

How do I envision developing Batik Closet in the future?

Looking ahead, I aspire to share more than just surface patterns. I want to offer insights into my creative process, from printing the designs and pattern-making to sewing the final garment.

I hope to inspire others to embrace DIY tailored slow fashion and explore their own creativity. Ultimately, I aim to promote sustainable practices by demonstrating how to repurpose old garments too and give them new life.

 My vision is to foster a community of like-minded individuals who value craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability in fashion.
Gabriella Alfroy landscape at the beach, designer batik closet
I've had the chance to experience life in both bustling capital cities and industrial hubs. However, these days, I find solace and inspiration in my tranquil beachside rural existence. It's where my creativity thrives.

That's all from me for now. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I hope you enjoy exploring my creations.
Gabriella Mukti Andhari & Alexis Alfroy wedding holy matrimony at Cathedral Jakarta.Gabriella Mukti Andhari & Alexis Alfroy wedding reception at Rumah Imam Bondjol Jakarta.

Work Experience

2020 - Present


Managing Partner

Designs wordpress websites specialising in Oxygen Builder custom themes. Creating lead magnets, web assets, creatives for Ads.


Eva Kharisma Online Book Shop

Children's Book Illustrator

Collaborated with the author to create engaging and vibrant illustrations to captivate young readers in a series of 3 books. The books' theme is to teach the three basic foundation of moral philosophy in Buddhism.

December 2020 - March 2018


Product Development Manager

Delivered bi-annual collections by managing Design Department's retro-planning, product development, production technical packs and product POV sales analysis. Supported boutique online's missions. Frequent coordination with Production, Operations and Sales Department.

June 2019 - July 2015

Eva Kharisma Bridal and Couture

Project Partner

In a diverse range of roles, I contributed to the production, operational and creative aspects of various projects.

Additionally, I contributed to the execution of private sewingm and drawing workshops by devising the lesson plans, coaching students, and enhancing marketing efforts. Furthermore, we created Poshion Sketch Book, a croquis sketchbook for individual sales and partnerships with technical sewing schools

March 2018 - December 2017

Cooperative de Creation by Mathias Chaize

Product Development Supervisor

Coordinated prototype developments of the brand’s unisex bags, jewelery and men apparel to showcase in Premiere Classe exhibits in Paris.

July 2015 - January 2015

Grace Design House, Subsidiary of PT. Arindo Garmentama

Production Coordinator

My responsibilities included overseeing product development, managing small-scale bulk production, ensuring quality assurance, and handling packing and delivery. Managed expenses and operational costs. Research potential projects, and pitched services and products to clients.

December 2014 - March 2014

PT. Yasindo Hozapratama

Product Development Coordinator

Created tech-packs, BOM and coordinated product development for the company's three consignment fashion brands (AMARY by Hoza Fashion, VALERIA-PHILIP Sleep Wear and COPAS Maternity Wear) to be sold in big-box stores / hypermarkets in Indonesia.

April 2014 - October 2013


Adjunct Lecturer

Facilitated the learning of three technical courses; Basic Figure Anatomy, Advance Fashion Illustration and Fashion CAD. Proposed remodeling teaching methodologies according to the needs of the retail apparel industry.

October 2013 - January 2013

Delami Brands (Retail & Manufacturing)

Product Development Coordinator

At colorbox.co.id my responsibilities included creating tech-packs, spec sheets, and BOM, coordinating product development, collection planning, and prototype fitting sampling. Additionally, efforts were made to enhance the fit and construction of the denim bottom line, and to interpret trend forecasts, analyze sales reports, and propose new products accordingly.

December 2012 - January 2011


Assistant Production Manager at China HQ

• Supervised OTB planning, product developments, trims / material sourcing and production schedule.
• Performed QC & QA at partnered / outsourced manufacturing factories in Dongguan, China.
• Retro-planned designer's product development schedule.
• Negotiated and secured supplier agreements.
• Analysed sales report and translated trend for the following season.
• Analysed WGSN market trend report and provided fresh design direction suited to the brand's DNA.

Product Development Coordinator at Indonesian HQ

• Provided trend analysis & market research boards.
• Proposed design and prototype sample developments.
• Created tech-packs & spec sheets.
• Sourced fabric & raw materials.
• Coordinated the development of fitting and pre-production samples.

January 2010 - January 2009

PT. Lucky Print Abadi

Junior Textile Designer

Assisted the 'Senior Woven Textile Designer' to create and modify seamless surface pattern designs and developed colourways.

May 2009 - January 2007

Local Modiste · Part-time

Assistant Fashion Designer

Assisted the development and creation of made-to-measure gowns and dresses.

February 2009 - January 2009

Iswi fashion academy internship

Assistant Lecturer

Assisted a Government funded Program as an assistant tutor. Aided the Textile Design professor in tutoring a group of 30 developmentally delayed children to design and paint on canvas shoes using acrylic paint.
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