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Parang Cliffside Yellow


Digital Download
2 Files (.png & .tiff) 300 dpi
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A vector surface pattern available for digital download. This is a seamless and repeatable swatch, suitable for both personal crafting and commercial projects. Inspired by the classic Batik Parang Baris and cliffside terrain.

Your purchase includes 2 digital files: 300 dpi flattened TIFF & PNG file. Ideal for sublimation fabric printing, providing vibrant and detailed results.


Personal / Commercial Use (Non-Exclusive)

Introducing my version of the classic Batik Parang, Cliffside Parang Yellow. A digital surface pattern available for download.

Seamless and Repeatable Swatch

Reimagined from the classic Batik Parang motif with its fundamental symbol that represents the endless movement of waves and unbroken bond to strive for self-improvement. This digital surface pattern has a major pastel yellow tone with a touch of light blue.



Key Features:

  • Seamless/Repeatable: This single swatch effortlessly tiles, offering versatility in your designs.
  • Personal & Commercial Use (Non-Exclusive): Ideal for personal crafting or enhancing your commercial projects.
  • Inspired by Tradition: Drawing inspiration from the classic Batik Parang Baris.
  • Nature's Influence: Reflecting the shape of a cliffside terrain.
  • Ideal for Sublimation Printing: Perfect for sublimation fabric printing, ensuring vibrant and detailed results.
  • Colour Disclaimer: Please be mindful that the actual printed colours may vary slightly from what you observe on your monitor. To ensure satisfaction, we strongly advise performing a test print. Batik Closet holds no responsibility for any printing or manufacturing discrepancies. We appreciate your understanding.

Printing Recommendations:

For printing on fabric, while I strongly recommend using dye-sublimation or pigment inks printing. This vector artwork can be used for analogue screen printing.

Screen Printing Advice:

  • This artwork employs a palette of 3 spot colours.
  • Colors direction in this artwork:Celadon : Yellow Pear : 11-0623 TCX, Azure Blue : 17-4139 TCX, Tropical Breeze : 13-0620 TCX. There are no transparent layers / shading effect / halftone dots.
  • Type of Image: Vector
  • Dot Size Recommendation: If you intend to use this artwork for screen printing, I recommend maintaining a minimum dot size of 2 mm before bleed, unless you are confident in using a fine mesh count for your silk screens. Ensure that the fabric you select is suitable for the level of detail in your artwork. Familiarity with the screen printing process on fabric is assumed. Batik Closet does not bear responsibility for any printing or manufacturing discrepancies. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Original Orientation:

Batik Parang is traditionally meant to be diagonal.

Usage Ideas:

  • Digital Art: It can be used for Clo3D, vroid-studio & blender textures or other 2D/3D creations.
  • Fashion Design Fabric Printing: Add a touch of cultural, bohemian, and ethnic charm to your styling projects.
  • Stationery: Create unique and eye-catching stationery.

Colour Variations:

Available in other color combinations:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

What You Will Receive With This Purchase:

2 Digital Files:

  • 1 TIFF file: No layers, flattened
    • Zip Compression;
    • Width: 6000 x 14214 pixels; 300 dpi
    • Bit Depth: 24
  • 1 PNG file: Flattened (6000 x 14214 pixels)

Additional information

Classic Batik Inspiration

Javanese Batik Parang Baris, Parang Rusak


Foliage, Leaves, Nature, Branches, Flora, Botanical, Ethnic, Bohemian, Off-beat, Diagonal Lines, Silhoutte, Landscape

Image Type


Usage Rights

Personal, Commercial Use (Non-Exclusive)

Pattern Type

Seamless, Repeatable


Landscape, Cliffside Rock, Fluid Lines, Ocean Waves

Colour Reference

Yellow Pear : 11-0623 TCX
Azure Blue : 17-4139 TCX
Tropical Breeze : 13-0620 TCX

File Specs

1x TIFF file: No layers, Flattened, Zip Compression, Width: Flattened (6000 x 14214 pixels), 300 dpi, Bit Depth: 24
1x PNG file: Flattened (6000 x 14214 pixels)

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